Navy Island XO Reserve

Navy Island XO Reserve is a superior blend of hand-selected Jamaican rums, including some of the finest aged rums distilled in traditional Jamaican pot stills.

Navy Island XO Reserve has all the unique features of an aged Jamaican rum, with the appealing, characteristically Jamaican nose, a full-bodied and well-balanced profile, and a long, satisfying finish.

Navy Island XO Reserve is a gorgeous rum that blends modern quality with traditional craftsmanship. The beautiful bottle and lush, appealing label are supplemented by a lovely cylindrical gift case.


Navy Island won a SILVER Medal at the International Spirits Challenge (ISC) 2019, in London.

The International Spirits Challenge (ISC) is one of the most authoritative, respected and influential spirits competitions in the world.

Tasting Notes

  • Deep amber, golden colour.
  • Very appealing, characteristically Jamaican nose.
  • Wonderful balance of vanilla, rich ripe fruit, bananas, baked apple and caramel.
  • Full-bodied rum.
  • Long and very satisfying dry finish.
  • Elegant and well balanced.
  • A gorgeous rum.

How to enjoy

The perfect way to enjoy the Navy Island Navy Strength is straight or on the rocks.

Cocktail suggestion

‘Old Fashioned’

80 ml Navy Island XO Reserve
4 dashes Angostura bitters
15 ml dark cane sugar syrup

Build the ingredients slowly over ice cubes in a Rocks or Old Fashioned glass.

Garnish with orange zest.